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CPE – Certified Plant Engineer

The Certified Plant Engineer (CPE) credential is designed to validate your skills as an experienced facilities engineer who possesses the expertise and the technical knowledge required to successfully ensure the optimal performance of any facility, including project management and equipment reliability.

CPMM – Certified Professional Maintenance Manager

The Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM) credential is designed to validate your skills as an experienced facilities engineering professional who possesses the technical and management expertise required to successfully lead maintenance and reliability initiatives aimed at reducing costs while increasing operating efficiencies.  Through designing and implementing effective preventive maintenance programs utilizing the latest methodologies and technologies, professionals holding the CPMM credential become indispensable to securing their organization's bottom-line.


CPS – Certified Professional Supervisor

The Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS) credential is designed to validate your skills as a competent manager capable of leading a business unit to achieving new levels of production.  Focusing the efforts of other professionals and resources into sustainable solutions that move strategic goals forward illustrates sills that can be applied to any business setting, making the CPS a credential applicable to any industry.  Professionals holding the CPS credential possess the required demeanor and expertise to motivate and train front-line employees as well as their supervisors.  Earning the AFE CPS demonstrates your readiness to be an integral contributor to the achievement of your organization's growth strategies.


Boiler 1 & 2 – Boiler Essentials

The AFE Boiler Essentials (Boiler Essentials) certification course provides an in-depth exploration into proven optimization and preventive maintenance strategies.  Designed by AFE education partner PMC Group One, Boiler Essentials offers  expert analysis through digestible text and informative diagrams.  And, since the course is delivered through the AFE Learning Management System (AFE LMS), Boiler Essentials can be further customized to include videos or other resources to comprehensively meet client needs. 



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