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  • "I am an CPE and without a doubt this Certification is well worth the effort in acquiring.It is a segment of the profession that fills the Gap between being a PE and demonstrating one's ability to fulfill the professionalism in all segments the engineering world.”-Ronald Gregory, CPE.

  • "After I moved from Tennessee to Nebraska, I struggled finding work that closely matched and paid comparably to what I had grown accustomed to. The title I currently hold and Asst. Facilities Management Director closely matched to what have experience doing and the pay and benefits are great for the area in which I live. My CPMM certification along with my interview landed me this job. It was one other candidate and myself for a position at a higher education establishment. The other candidate had a degree. I had not completed my degree yet but had this certification and the experience behind it. I was awarded the position based on those two facts making me the better candidate."

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Upcoming Events

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Identifying the Traits of Leadership

Scholars have written numerous articles on leadership.Many of these articles center on thetraits of a leader, actions or responses of a leader or even why some consider one individual a great leader over another. Was it their time in history — being in the right...
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