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AFE Corporate Membership


AFE Corporate Memberships not only provide the same benefits as our other professional membership categories to the individual professionals representing an organization, but this category also offers additional discounts on:  (1) credentialing and professional development program registrations; (2) AFE Sustaining Sponsorship fees; (3) AFE special event registrations and (4) additional individual memberships for other employees of the corporation.  A corporate entity must maintain the account to be eligible for this membership category.  In other words, an employee group from XYZ Corporation, for example, could not pool their resources together to become eligible for an AFE Corporate Membership.  XYZ Corporation would need to open the membership account and enroll eligible employees.  The annual investment schedule for Corporate Members will be billed on the following scale:



2020 Annual Investment

# of Individual Memberships

Additional Discount

Nonprofit Organization[1]




Small Business[2]




Large Company





Additional individual professional memberships may be added to the corporate membership according to the following investment scale:


Number of Additional Individual Members

Price Per Additional Member

Renewal Discount per Additional Member

5 – 10



11 – 50



[1] Includes all IRC § 501(c) organizations.

[2] Independent Consultants or entities with less than 25 employees and earning less than $10M in gross annual revenue will be eligible for this membership.


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