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Grit Matters: Manufacturing Cultural Transformation

Presenter will share her company’s journey through the reboot of their company culture and creation of their mantra – Grit Matters: Perseverance, Heart & Integrity. She will talk about how to be the gardener for your organization and create a culture that will create productivity and thriving environment for current and future employees, including women & millennials.

Karen Norheim
Karen Norheim is Executive Vice President of American Crane & Equipment Corp, a leading manufacturer of Overhead Cranes & Hoists. As the 2nd generation coming into the leadership role for her family’s company, Karen sought to solidly the “Founder’s Legacy” while putting her own stamp on the company culture. She is also the founder and Chairperson of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Women in Manufacturing as well as the Chairperson of the National Board of Women in Manufacturing. Karen also serves as the Vice President of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA). 





Asset Hierarchy and Its Importance

One of the foundational elements of asset management is the asset hierarchy system.  A good hierarchy system enables the collection, exchange and analysis of data.   It is designed around the business needs...the needs for financial, reliability, production, maintenance and other asset information.  This session will go over common uses of asset information and how hierarchy decisions enable or hinder them.  Hierarchy provides the framework for metrics and decision making.  Along with asset master data, the hierarchy structure provides the foundation for your asset management system.

Kate Kerrigan

Kate Kerrigan specializes in maintenance and reliability management and has in-depth experience implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Manufacturing. Through her teaching, coaching, and mentoring, Kate has led several industry-leading organizations in improving their bottom line and increasing their systems’ reliability. She has a diverse background with industry vertical experience in food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, and automotive industries. Throughout her career, Kate has held positions as a Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Reliability Leader, and Operations Analyst, and is currently Operations Director with Allied Reliability Group.    




Top 10 Most Frequently Cited General Industry Standards by Federal OSHA and An Update on Walking Working Surfaces Standard

OSHA issues many citations for violations of several OSHA standards including the general industry standards.  This session will focus on the top 10 most frequently cited general industry standards by OSHA.  In addition, OSHA has revised general industry standards on walking-working surfaces to prevent and reduce workplace slips, trips, and falls. The final rule includes revised and new provisions addressing, fixed ladders; rope descent systems; personal fall protection systems; and training on fall hazards and fall protection systems.  This seminar will also help you understand the requirements under the new walking working surfaces standard.

Sanji Kanth

Sanji Kanth is a senior occupational safety and health manager with the Office of General Industry and Agricultural Enforcement under the Directorate of Enforcement Programs at OSHA's National Office in Washington, D.C.  


Mr. Kanth’s responsibilities in this position are to provide technical advice on OSHA requirements to private sector employers, employees, and OSHA Regional and Area Offices. 


Before joining the National Office, during his career as a Compliance Officer at OSHA’s Area Offices, he inspected several general industry and construction facilities to verify OSHA compliance, and investigated several workplace incidents and explosions.  Additionally, while he worked at the U.S. Department of Energy for 12 years, Mr. Kanth was entirely responsible in developing and implementing DOE’s Voluntary Protection Program that mirrored OSHA’s VPP. 


Mr. Kanth has a total of 34 plus years of experience in the Federal Government, and has a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio State University.  Mr. Kanth is a Registered Professional Engineer.