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Webinar- Dick Hill
  Solar Efficient Lighting & Power | Nano Technology | High ROI

Dick Hill is a self-described EE [ Eclectic Entrepreneur ], raised and educated in the Midwest before venturing into business/sales production and marketing while constantly exploring new and exciting products and services to expand AND,OR enhance with new features and benefits in improvements for innovative new opportunities.

The social concerns on health, power, energy and environment have always been in the forefront of thinking and investigations for improving life.

The last few years have been concentrated toward combining the health, energy, and environment products and services into a producible opportunity in production to business and government in a feasible arrangement.

The pressing health crisis requires action in the public sector to include hybrid LED/SSL lighting to save massive dollars in the only non-recoverable budget line items, power and energy with new products to protect from disease and death everywhere.

The research and development in bespoken engineering and designs for new Batteries, Energy Conservation and Management systems for partial and complete off grid power for homes and business are all being pursued with USA production as the preferred point of manufacturing, assembly and distribution will be a continuing goal.