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Preparing for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The automotive industry is investing $300 Billion to convert to electric vehicles. They aren’t here yet in quantity, but they will be soon, and they present a major opportunity for facilities to offer energy as well as parking.

This webinar will describe the various levels of charging points (Electric Vehicle Service Equipments (EVSEs), their installation requirements, and the various incentives that are available to subsidize installation. It will get into the available modes of “charging (money) for charging” and services to the grid that can make this investment pay off.

Paul Kydd

Paul Kydd, President of V2G Energy began his career at General Electric on research and development of gas turbine power generation. As Vice President of Technology he managed the synfuel laboratory operation of Hydrocarbon Research Inc. As founder and president of several independent companies he has done research, development and commercialization in fuels, propellants, medical waste elimination, electronic chemicals and since 2003 in electric vehicles and charging systems. He has MS and PhD degrees in Physical Chemistry and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.