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President's Circle


Benefits remain in effect for twelve calendar months from the purchase of sponsorship package, which can be purchased at any time during the calendar year. 
Seat on the AFE Industry Advisory Council.
Recognition as a sponsor for each of AFE’s national events. 

Company logo and website link displayed on the AFE corporate website as well as on the micro-website for each of AFE’s national events. 

Company logo on signage and slide deck at all AFE national events.

Company logo and website link included in the promotional emails for each of the AFE national events and the AFE Weekly Headlines newsletter.

Four (4) complimentary event registrations  for the following events:  Academic Facility Symposium, Healthcare Facility Symposium, Founders Day Reception, and the Annual Business Meeting & Leadership Conference (ABMLC).  

Four (4) invitations to the Founders Day Reception.
Opportunity to introduce speaker or moderator at track session during four events of Sponsor’s choosing.  

Press Release recognition for each AFE national event.  

Advertisement in each AFE national event program.  

Full page ad in each edition of the Facilities

Engineering Journal published during the sponsorship year.    

Opportunity to submit four articles for publication in the Facilities Engineering Journal.

Invitation to a special Thank You reception for AFE Sponsors.  

Opportunity to conduct two webinars presented to AFE Members, Strategic Partners and other participants.

Two reserved tables during conference luncheon(s) of Sponsor’s choice.

Company recognition and logo in post-event emails to all attendees.