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From D. C. to Budapest: Employing Effective Facilities Management Training

As an experienced Facilities Manager, I have learned to appreciate the importance of a well-trained facilities work force. Studies have shown that training helps improve: reduction in operating expenses, increased customer satisfaction and increased energy efficiency to name a few. That is why I was excited to learn that Eric Guthrie was engaged to create a Facilities Training Department for OBO/CFSM/FAC. When the Facilities Managers met at In-Service Training in Rosslyn, VA, Eric’s passion and vision for training was very apparent. I decided to use Eric’s training knowledge to bring training to the post in Budapest.
Eric’s research and efforts resulted in coordinated training effort with the Association of Facilities Engineering (AFE).  Eric and I jointly decided to utilize the Certified Professional Maintenance Management Training (CPMM) curriculum as it communicates extensive knowledge of the many facets of maintenance management and incorporates evolving techniques and technologies in maintenance management. On September 29th – October 2nd, 2015, Stephen Nicholas, CAFS, CPMM, AFE conducted an outstanding CPMM training at American Embassy Budapest, Hungary. Sixteen locally employed staff attended the CPMM training, ten were from Budapest and the six remaining positions were filled by LE Staff from Tirana, Tallinn and Kosovo.  The training was hugely successful as the locally employed staff had a 94% pass rate for the CPMM certification.
Although the CPMM training was only a short time ago, I have already observed the benefits of the training in the form of the following workplace enhancements:
  • New FM filing system that improves our efficiency
  • Improved record keeping for safety and training
  • Improved planning with the future and the big picture in mind
During the “hands on” portion of the training when we looked at some of our systems, the CPMM trainer pointed out that our HVAC filters were not the actual filters for our system. Since the training, our contractor has been notified of the discrepancy the appropriate filters have been ordered.
I am confident there are many benefits to the CPMM training that remain to be seen and I look forward to witnessing the continued benefits of our investment.  As a Facility Manager, I adopted the CPMM methodology as a blueprint for facilities management operations. I encourage all Facilities Managers to engage in training efforts it creates a win-win for all involved, especially the Facilities Manager.

Maurice Pettiford, CPMM, FMP, MS
Facility Manager
American Embassy Budapest