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Piedmont (Greensboro)


Chapter 23 of the Southeastern Region 5, is located in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, chartered in 1956 in Greensboro; making it the oldest active AFE chapter in the state of North Carolina. Our chapter membership is comprised of Plant Engineers, Facilities Directors, Maintenance Managers, Production Equipment Maintenance Directors, Engineering Managers, Maintenance Control Managers, LSS Black Belt Consultants, Product Service Representatives, Technical Account Managers, Roofing Specialist…and the list goes on. Currently, our membership is made up of 29 AFE members, but we regularly have numerous guests, both members and non-member visitors alike at our monthly meetings.

Our Chapter has never shied away from venturing out to include all types of tours or talks. We have met at food packagers, skin & tissue growth labs,  NASCAR racing team shops, electric power generation plants, HVAC system designers, television studios, soft drink bottling plants, heavy manufacturing plants, specialty automation companies, a 3D gaming classroom at a local university, just to name a few.    Our AFE programs team plans a nice mix of technical topics with unique site tours. We also set aside one monthly meeting each year to address personal finances or investing. Most of our local chapter members are based in what is known as the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, which is home to numerous types of industries.  The area, once a flourishing hot bed of Tobacco, Furniture, and Textile plants now has taken on a different look in that although the strong have survived, there are many other types of industries now calling North Carolina home. Those industries include bio-technology, medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and aviation companies.  AFE members and guests alike always enjoy the varied tours, and tech talks that are organized from month to month.

Our Vision

In 2015, our Chapter Board of Directors felt that we wanted to reinvest in students, especially those going into the Engineering disciplines. So we teamed up with Guilford Technical Community College Admissions team at the Jamestown, NC  campus, and with their guidance, we have been able to provide partial scholarships to 3 students thus far. We have also obtained support from some of the businesses or companies that were our tour hosts. Once they discovered what we were doing, this was their way to get involved. 

Calendar of Events


Upcoming Events



Title Name Email
Chapter President Scott Swaim
Chapter Co-President Tim Gartley 
Chapter VP & Program Co-Chair Ronnie Overton
Chapter VP & Program Co-Chair Eric Eley
Chapter Secretary Paul Holt
Chapter Treasurer Kurt Stanley
Chapter Co-Treasurer Lynn Crouse
Chapter Membership Chairman Taylor Middleton
At Large Director Jenn Kilpatrick
At Large Director Paul Sheehy
At Large Director Colin de Jong
At Large Director John Sams
At Large Director Tim Gartley Tim.gartley@pbvllc