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Reactivated on May 18, 2010, Chapter 6 has been going strong since! As one of the oldest chapters of AFE (nee AIPE), it was one of the most prestigious and active chapters for years; but it became inactive for a few years in the 1990's. We meet nine months out of the year, skipping July, August and December, and offer educational presentations as well as tours of local industry or places of interest. The technical presentations earn CEU credit for the attendees.


Throughout the years since AFE incorporated (1954) as the American Institute of Plant Engineers, Chapter 6 has been prominent within the organizations by taking a national presence with many of its members holding several national offices

Why Do We Exist?

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter (6) of the Association for Facilities Engineering believes in and supports the mission of the Global organization which is to provide resources, education, leadership and networking opportunities for our members. On the national level, AFE offers certifications, Journal, webinars, Facilities America and other resources such as AFE Connections. At the local level, Chapter 6 has nine meetings per year with most being educational/networking meetings with some occasional tours of local facilities of interest scheduled. The June, 2015 was our first annual Energy Symposium which was very successful. The 2017 version featured Ms. Kathy Manderino, the Secretary of the PA Department of Labor and Industry, as the keynote speaker.  Be sure to go to the EVENTS calendar to view all the upcoming events for Chapter 6. Some of our recent events are pictured on the slider at the top of this page.


November 19, 2020 Chapter meeting minutes...

Chapter President, Denny Hydrick, began the virtual meeting by welcoming all participants.

Denny gave a brief report on AFE's Annual Business Meeting & Leadership Conference held this week and ended today. As one of the few similar associations to hold such an event in this year of the pandemic, our members should be proud of this accomplishment. The Conference was unique in that it was a virtual event and, given all the difficulties (and uniqueness), was deemed very successful
. Of note, Tuesday’s national House of Delegates meeting was so well-received that the AFE board of directors has decided to hold this event twice per year due to the ease of virtual-delivery and the importance of involving chapter leadership in AFE decisions. Chapter 6 had the greatest number of chapter leaders present: President, Denny Hydrick; Program Chair, Dean Wallace; Communications Director, Diane Goschler; and Membership Chair, Matt McDevitt.

The speaker for tonight’s program was Chapter 6 Program Chair, Mr. Dean Wallace CPE, CPMM. He led an open discussion on the three certifications offered by AFE: Certified Professional Supervisor, Certified Professional Maintenance Manager, and Certified Plant Engineer. AFE is in the process of upgrading these certifications and re-packaging them as online courses. The discussion centered on how AFE Certifications enhance professional development.

October 28, 2020 Chapter meeting minutes...

Chapter President, Denny Hydrick, began the virtual meeting by welcoming all participants. 

AFE international executive director A. C. Powell provide a briefing on AFE’s Annual Business meeting, which will take place in November 2020. The conference will be done virtually this year. Members and non-members were encouraged to participate.

This month’s speaker was Allen Roth, CEO of Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. JBCI is one of the premier civil engineering firms on the east coast. Allen’s topic was Resolving water intrusion for existing facilities.

Allen presented examples of the different types of exterior walls used and how each one handled water intrusion. He gave good examples of how facilities managers can identify sources of water infiltration and take corrective action.

As with the September virtual meeting, this one was also very well received and the participation level was high. Before adjourning, our new chapter Communications Director, Diane Goschler, was introduced. 

September 30, 2020 Chapter meeting minutes...
Due to the pandemic affecting everyone and everything, this September meeting was the first held since February. In addition, it was our first virtual meeting using the Zoom platform. It was the consensus of attendees that this virtual means was a huge success!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the chapter to suspend all meetings in restaurants and tours. It has been decided to conduct meetings using AFE’s Zoom account. This was the format used for the first meeting of the 2020-2021 schedule.

Denny Hydrick started the meeting by welcoming all participants. All participants introduced themselves and talked briefly about their businesses.

AFE international executive director A. C. Powell spoke for several minutes. He briefed us on AFE’s new website; discussed the new Ask the expert online program; and talked about how AFE is continuing to operate under the pandemic.

National past-president Roy Nation introduced himself and gave us an update on his current activities.

There was discussion about how we will continue our efforts to attract new members through social media. We received several good ideas along with offers from two people to get involved. We will follow up with them.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing how facilities are operating under current COVID-19 restrictions. Jim Clark and Roy Nation provided valuable information on the topic.

It was a very good meeting, which included a lot of participation and lively discussion throughout.

February 27, 2020 Chapter meeting minutes...

The meeting started as always with open networking and dinner.


Jim Clark of Clark Energy did a one-hour presentation about strategies for conserving energy. Jim’s talk included a wide range of topics including lighting system upgrades; variable air volume HVAC systems; geothermal systems; solar energy.


In addition to discussing the technical aspects of energy conservation, Jim discussed rebate programs being offered by utility companies and government bodies. Jim led a roundtable discussion after his talk was completed.


The next meeting will be on Thursday March 26, 2020 at Jasper’s Backyard. Allen Roth of Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. Consulting Engineers will be the speaker.


 January 29, 2020 Chapter meeting minutes...

Held at Jaspers Backyard in Conshohocken, PA. Guest presenter was Mr. Fran Rabuck of Rabuck Associates.

Fran led a discussion about several subjects related to computers, technology, and data within the workplace. He talked about companies’ usages of several different data management systems and how to make sure that they are working in concert with each other. An example would be a CMMS system that tracks equipment that is on a building automation system. The challenge is to ensure that the two systems contain complementary information.


This led into a discussion about the growing need for technicians and facility managers to replace retirements in coming years.

  November 19, 2019 Chapter meeting minutes...

Held at the offices of BQ Basement Systems, Inc in Erdenheim, PA. Guest presenter was Mr. Paul Kydd, PhD
Paul, who has published over 50 Journal publications and holds 45 patents, spoke on the electric vehicle revolution. He gave insights into the history of electric vehicles, where we're at going into 2020 with the quantity and quality of electric vehicles plus charging stations, and then what the future holds for the electric vehicle, or EV. 

The attendees had many questions of the speaker after he related how to charge the EV, which are the better ones at this time, how the electric motor has substantially fewer moving parts than the internal combustion engine and other facts that were unknown, or at least not considered, by the listeners.

Thanks to BQ Basement Systems for hosting the meeting and, once again, providing a delicious, low-cost meal for our attendees (not to mention the free drinks!). 
 October 24, 2019 Chapter meeting minutes...

Held at Jaspers Backyard in Conshohocken, PA. Guest speaker was Mr. Tony Kanak of Sales Evolution.

Tony always comes up with unique presentation titles and this one was no different. His topic was 
What does Texas Hold’em Have to Do with Negotiating: How to Get What You Want. 

Most people have seen Texas Hold’em being played on TV; many have played it or another form of Poker. Tony related the strategies used by good Poker players to business negotiations. He discussed the secrets that are used by people that know how to get what they want when it comes to negotiations.  We learned the beginning principals of what will make us better negotiators and came away with a list of the best videos and books to read on the subject.

 September 26, 2019 Chapter meeting minutes...

Held at the offices of BQ Basement Systems, Inc in Erdenheim, PA. Guest speakers were Ms. Katherine WIlde and Lukas Jenkins of Edifice Rx

The meeting started with dinner and open networking. David Hamilton opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to BQ Basements and providing some useful information about the company and their services. Dean Wallace discussed the September CPE exam; congratulated chapter president Denny Hydrick for receiving the AFE award; gave the current meeting schedule; and introduced the speakers.


Kathy Wilde and Lukas Jenkins led the chapter in a discussion about Circadian Lighting. Edifice Rx, a healthy building/ indoor environmental quality (IEQ) firm, provides active choices to building occupants and owners that improve occupant health and productivity, diagnose and support building health and performance, and engage occupants in sustainable activities.


Sunlight is an important external cue for our biological clock. With 90% of our time spent inside under conventional lighting, most people are deprived of sunlight’s benefits to increase focus, mood, and activity level during the day. At night exposure to blue light waves (from LED bulbs and other electronics) causes stress on the body, sleep problems, and may be detrimental to our overall health. Our biological clocks are compromised. Circadian lighting combines the energy saving benefits of LED retrofitting with a tunable white LED lighting system that supports circadian rhythm wellness during both the day and night hours.

Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events



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Chapter President Dennis Hydrick
Chapter Vice President Joel Levitt
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Kevin Reilly
Chapter Program Chair Dean Wallace
Chapter Membership Chair Matt McDevitt
 Chapter Communications Chair Diane Goschler
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Director Peter Scrivano