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NY Metropolitan Region Chapter 80


Our goals we set this year are simple:

Student Chapter at Pratt University,  over 60 members .

Since we just reactivated Chapter 80 in November 2015 , the interest has been an under statement. The turnout at our meetings has doubled and we have set a goal of 5 new members a month. We have gotten a lot of interested from a very diversified group in New York.

Thank you everyone



Title Name Email
Chapter President            Joseph LaRocco     or
Chapter Past President Stevo Pepdjonovic
Chapter Vice President Matt Raio
Chapter Secretary Mark Caltibiano
Chapter Treasurer Liz Knolmeyer
1st Director
Stevo Pepdjonovic
Education/Membership Committee
Harris Berloe
Scholarship Committee Matt Raio
Legal Council Ira Leibowitz