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The Roy E. Nation Jr. Leadership Award

Elected in 2017 to the AFE Board of Directors as the President-Elect, Roy Nation led AFE through some the toughest challenges in the Association's history.  Regardless of the circumstances, Roy consistently pulled the leadership of AFE together to work through issues and set a workable path forward.  Roy established a tradition of transparency that allowed the Association to not only negotiate the settlement of outstanding obligations and but also repair severed relationships.  At all times throughout his tenure as President & Chairman, Roy modeled the type of steady leadership that allowed AFE to establish a foundation for the continued success of the Association.  

True leadership can be an uncommon occurrence.  True leadership is both transformative and inspiring.  True leaders motivate and remain focused on achieving strategic objectives, seeking to serve rather than be recognized for their work.  The Roy E. Nation Jr. Leadership Award recognizes the work of a truly transformative volunteer leader who models both dedication and excellence, establishes transparency and pulls other leaders together.    

Awarded annually by the AFE Board of Directors, the Nation Award represents the highest leadership honor bestowed by the Association.  



Roy E. Nation Jr. 
President & Chairman
The Association for Facilities Engineering
(2017 - 2019)