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Topic: Breaking the Reactive Maintenance Cycle


Most organizations struggle with attaining a sustainable proactive maintenance culture. I will outline 7 steps for resisting the reactive maintenance loop and transforming the organization to proactive maintenance. These are essential steps for achieving and sustaining a proactive maintenance mindset.


Kate Kerrigan is an experienced Operations Director and Reliability Engineer. Kate has been a leader on the Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE) governing board, AFE Foundation, and is a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM). She also holds Theory of Constraints (ToC) , Project Management Professional (PMP), and Lean certifications.

Kate specializes in maintenance and reliability management and has in-depth experience implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Manufacturing. Mitigating risks and maximizing company assets is her mission.

Through her teaching, coaching, and mentoring, Kate has led several industry-leading organizations in improving their bottom line and increasing their systems’ reliability. She has a diverse background with industry vertical experience in aseptic packaging, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, and automotive industries. Throughout her career, she has held positions as a Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Reliability Leader, and Operations Analyst.



Topic: Learning is Change.  Change is Learning


  • Prosci’s® Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report data on the role change management plays in learning
  • How ADKAR® determines when someone is ready for change
  • What motivates a person to change their behavior and sustain it
  • How to apply the 3A Learning® process
  • Why all learners go through the valley of despair and how to help them climb out
  • What to do about resistance

Bill Wilder, M. Ed.

Executive Director, Life Cycle Engineering

Bill is the founder and director of the Life Cycle Institute (LCI), the learning, leadership and change management practice at Life Cycle Engineering (LCE). Bill led the creation of 3A Learning®, a process that incorporates the concepts of active learning and change management. He has worked with many organizations to develop learning solutions that engage people and drive accountability for behavior changes that deliver results. Bill leads the change management practice at LCE and is a Prosci Advanced Instructor and Certified Change Management Professional. He has written several articles and produced videos on the topics of learning and change management, demonstrating his authority in the discipline.