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AFE National Elections

Voting ends 12/21


May 10  - DETAILS
Presenter: Joe Max Higgins
Topic:Economic Development tips
June 06  - DETAILS
Presenter: Joel Levitt
Topic:Use DE (Defect Elimination) to make your job easier
July 11  - DETAILS
Presenter: Kate Kerrigan
Topic:Breaking the Reactive Maintenance Cycle
From D. C. to Budapest: Employing Effective Facilities Management Training
As an experienced Facilities Manager, I have learned to appreciate the importance of a well-trained facilities work force. Studies have shown that training helps improve: reduction in operating expenses, increased customer satisfaction and increased energy efficiency to name a few. That is why I was excited to learn that Eric Guthrie was engaged to create a Facilities Training Department for OBO/CFSM/FAC. When the Facilities Managers met at In-Service Training in Rosslyn, VA, Eric’s passion and vision for training was very apparent. I decided to use Eric’s training knowledge to bring training to the post in Budapest.
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